B Careful When U Txt: The Dangers of Texting

Cell phones have become indispensable gadgets for most of us. We use these devices not only to talk, but to keep track of schedules, email, search the Internet, chat online, and text our friends. It should come as no surprise, then, that some of us are sending, simply put, the wrong message. Perhaps not realizing the dangers inherent in cell phone use, we are putting themselves—and others—at risk. The dangers these behaviors cause is real and comes in two main forms: physical and emotional. The physical dangers can come from activities like using a phone at a time or place that is unsafe or from allowing personal information to fall into the wrong hands. The emotional dangers arise when we inadvertently subject ourselves and others to harassment or shame. This course will teach responsible cell phone use and best practices, in fact, many of these practices are the same techniques used to make computer and Internet use safe.